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Student Lending Papers

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Student Aid Map

This 1-Page map summarizes the college aid steps and options for financing college. It leads you through the student aid process with reference links to our comprehensive student lending center for information and ideas.

The map references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Student Aid Map

Financial Aid Checklist

The financial aid checklist will quickly summarize the financial aid process and student financial aid options with reference link to our student loan center.

The key topics include financial aid submission requirements and aid options such as scholarships, grants, student loans, state aid and other aid sources.

The stats worksheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Student Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Booklet

Need something more comprehensive when learning about college financial aid? You can download our student aid booklet. It contains a summary of the following:

  • student financial aid checklist
  • student financial aid steps
  • financial aid charts
  • aid calculation worksheet
  • managing student funds

The booklet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Home Buying Booklet

Financial Aid Charts

You can print these summary financial aid charts that display all available student aid options for:

The links are "print files" located at our site:

File Type: print files


Budgeting Worksheet

Student Aid Tally Sheet

There are two sheets with this download:

  1. Financial Aid Tally Sheet:
    tally up the award amounts you earn from scholarships, grants, federal student loans, private student loans and other aid sources

  2. Financial Needs Assessment:
    run the costs of financial awards against the estimated cost of education. Do a needs assessment to determine what additional funds you may need.

The aid tally sheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Student Aid Tally Sheet

Scholorship Search Sheet

The scholarship search sheet can be used to keep track of your scholarship search by name, address, award amounts available, and filing deadline. It is a handy sheet to have available when you do scholarship search on the net.

The cost comparison worksheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Scholarship Tally Sheet

Student Aid Tracking Worksheet

Keep track of your financial aid sources with the handy pc-based excel worksheet. You can easily navigate the worksheet to different aid options you use to finance college:

  • scholarships and grants
  • federal stafford and PLUS loans
  • private student and home equity loans
  • other financial aid options

You can enter the name of the institution that supplied the aid with aid amounts, address information, etc. This information will be available the following semester or year when you need to seek additional aid.

The worksheet references our site at:

File Type: excel worksheet


Budgeting Worksheet

College Budgeting Worksheet

Parents should sit down with the college-bound children and develop a budgeting spending plan for the upcoming academic year. The budget will help students understand the concepts of money and ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.

The college budgeting worksheet looks at financial aid options, the estimated costs of education, and then runs a cash position so that you know when your student may run out of money. The worksheet also provides space for listing aid sources that can be used for following years when funds are needed for education.

The worksheet references our site at:

File Type: excel worksheet


Budgeting Worksheet

Establishing a College Budget

Instruction sheet on how to setup a college budget using the budgeting worksheet above. Illustrates how the college budgeting worksheet works.

File Type: pdf


Reduce College Costs

Spending Sheets

Keep track of our daily college spending expenses for the following categories:

  • tuition and fees
  • books and supplies
  • housing
  • food
  • transportation
  • personal living
  • personal care
  • entertainment
  • miscelleaneous

The spending sheets references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Scholarship Tally Sheet

10 Tips to Reduce College Costs

Summary of 10 tips student can do to reduce their overall college costs. The form references links on our student aid site for more information.

The 10 tip reduction sheet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Reduce College Costs

Loan Calculators Spreadsheet

Have this loan calculators handy anytime you want to calculate monthly payments, compare two or more loans, estimate your debt payoff options, understand your debt ratio, plus run amortization figures. There are 12 nifty calculators all indexed on an excel spreadsheet that you can download FREE to your desktop.

File Type: excel worksheet


Loan Calculators