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Selling Your Home Papers

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Home Selling Map

This 1-Page map summarizes the steps for selling a home. It guides you through the home selling process with reference links to our home selling center for information and ideas.

The map references our site at:

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Home Selling Map

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

How you present your home to a prospective buyer can be a key selling strategy, especially in markets where there are more homes than buyers. The industry calls it, "First Impressions".

What does the seller see first when they tour your home? That is where you need to make your best presentation. This form reviews how best to get your home ready for the sale

The home ready checklist references our site at:

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Home Selling Ready Checklist

Home Selling Checklist

The home selling checklist quickly summarizes what you need to know about selling a home. The checklist references information on our site for more review on the home selling information.

The selling checklist references our site at:

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Home Selling Checklist

FSBO vs. Agent Services

Which method should you use to sell your home? You have 3 options. You can review the pros and cons of each option with this form:

  1. you could sell your home on your own with some limited services from outside sources. This method is commonly referred to as, "For Sale by Owner (FSBO)". This is the least expensive way to go but requires more work on your part. This method is best used in seller's market.

  2. you could use the service of an agent to sell your home. The agent will do the listing, build the sales sheet, market the home to their network of prospective buyer, and handle all administrative work and flings. They generally charge 6-8% of the home selling price for their fee.

  3. you could use a combination of FSBO and agent services.

The fsbo vs. agent summary references our site at:

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FSBO vs. Agent Services

FSBO Checklist

Download this quick 1-page FSBO checklist on what you need to market your home to prospective buyers. The key tactic as a FSBO seller is to get your home listed on multiple home selling networks and listing services. You will also need a sales comparable analysis of your home and neighborhood along with your sales sheet. This form will help you collect and budget for these FSBO items.

The FSBO checklist references our site at:

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FSBO Selling Checklist

Agent Services Checklist

If you are going to use the services of an agent to sell your home, make sure you understand what exact services your will be paying for. Your goal is to get your home sold quickly at close to the asking price you need. So be prepared to ask your agent those key questions to maximize what they should do for you.

The agent checklist references our site at:

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Real Estate Agent Services

Home Selling Booklet

Need something more comprehensive review when selling your home? You can download our home selling booklet. It contains a summary of the home selling process, a quick review of the 5-step home selling plan, and a directory of home listing services; i.e., MLS, FSBO, classified ads, retail stacks, and more.

The booklet references our site at:

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Home Selling Booklet

Loan Calculators Spreadsheet

Have this loan calculators handy anytime you want to calculate monthly payments, compare two or more loans, estimate your debt payoff options, understand your debt ratio, plus run amortization figures. There are 12 nifty calculators all indexed on an excel spreadsheet that you can download FREE to your desktop.

File Type: excel worksheet


Loan Calculators