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Credit Management Papers

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Credit Management Map

A quick 1-Page map that summarizes your credit - debt - budgeting issues:

  • reducing your debts
  • improving and maintaining good credit
  • building a family budget

It guides you through the credit-debt-budget process with reference links to our credit center for more information.

The map references our site at:

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Credit - Debt Map for Good Credit

Credit Scoring

The FICO score is a mathematical calculation the measures your probability to repay a loan. Measurements are base upon a number of factors that include:

  • your current outstanding debt
  • places and the number of times you have applied for credit
  • the kind of credit you have taken out in the past
  • late payments in 30, 60, and 90 day increments
  • over extension of your credit lines
  • liens / garnishments
  • bankruptcy

This form is a quick 1-Page summary of FICO score ranges and how it rates with your ability to be approved for best rate and terms.

The scoring page references our site at:

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Credit Scoring

Credit Booklet

Need something more comprehensive about credit management? You can download our credit management booklet. It contains a summary of the following:

  • credit management guide
  • debt management guide
  • budget management guide
  • checking your credit report
  • avoiding ID theft
  • lowering your monthly bills

The booklet references our site at:

File Type: pdf


Credit Checkup