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College Planning Checklist

If you are planning to go to college as a high school graduate, there are certain steps you need to take in order to get into the college of your choice. These steps have deadlines.

The College Planning Checklist summarizes these steps as follows:

  1. college prep: (completed in the junior HS year)
    complete an analysis of what you want from a college education. Review fields of study, see what is hot in job prospects, and complete a self-analysis on your tempermant for the career.

  2. college search: (completed in the junior/senior HS year)
    search for college and/or vocational school programs

  3. college admission: (completed in the senior HS year)
    get your application (with essays and recommendations) submitted to your selected colleges

  4. college financing: (completed in the senior HS year)
    submit information for college financial aid and scholarships

  5. college move: (after HS graduation)
    get yourself ready to move to college

The checklist references our site at:

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College Tracking Worksheets

Track College Stats and Information

You will be gathering a lot of information regarding your college planning steps. Use our worksheet forms to assemble your information in an orderly fashions. Forms include:

  • career planning worksheet
  • college comparison worksheet
  • college institution name and address
  • college entrance requirements
  • and financial aid worksheets

The stats worksheet references our site at:

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Moving Checklist and Notepad

College Cost Comparison Worksheet

One of the key parameters that distinquishes one college from another is their cost of education. Some schools offer a better education for the cost depending on what you want to achieve.

  • The College Cost Comparison worksheet allows you to compare side-by-side each college in relation to their costs for tuition, room and board, fees, etc.

  • Additionally, you can compare side-by-side the financial awards offered and run a gap analysis among the schools to determine best overall deal.

The cost comparison worksheet references our site at:

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College Cost Comparison Worksheet