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Part 1: Introduction

Success means achieving goals. We all have them. Some of us pursue grand goals. Others are satisfied with goals that are modest. Whatever their scope, goals are aspirations that help us achieve a measurement of value and satisfaction.

Goals materialize in our dreams. They become our aspirations of becoming someone we are not, obtaining something we don't have, or reaching a level where we never been before. Whether we aspire to become a super athlete, scholar, musician, doctor — or even the President of the United States — goals are the blueprints of our dreams and desires.

The evolution of a goal begins with a 'wish' for something. We then visualize a plan detailing the tasks needed to achieve our goal. We next discipline ourselves to execute the tasks outlined in our plan. And finally, after consistent effort, we attain our goal —or we replace it with another goal. The process often begins again with a renewed goal and higher aspiration. In generic terms, the life-cycle of a goal can be described as follows:

  • we dream . . . we plan . . . we conquer . . . we reap the reward.

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Achieving Success: Introduction Chapters

Part II: Planning for Success

Planning is the direction we set to achieve our objectives. Architects plan before they hire someone to build a house. They design blueprints that illustrate step-by-step tasks that the contractor must undertake to build the dream house for the buyer. Contractors could build a house without a blueprint. But what would the final product look like? Possibly a structure unlike what the buyer envisions and desires.

This example also applies for all goals. The planning phase becomes our architectural blueprints that detail in a step-by-step fashion the tasks to achieve a desired effect or outcome. We begin by segmenting the planning ingredient into three phases:

  • Planning Phase (1): Forethought of our objective or life achievement.
  • Planning Phase (2): The plan of action - goals, benchmarks, and tasks - that we must undertake to achieve the objective.
  • Planning Phase (3): Recognition of benefits.

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pdf book: planning success chapters


Achieving Success: Planning for Success Chapters

Part III: Discipline for Success

Discipline is the second ingredient for success. It's the physical and mental action that performs the tasks outlined in your plan. We increase discipline by overcoming the impediments that hinder our progress and building up the attributes that makeup our character.

Impediments are character weaknesses — both physical and mental. We all have weaknesses; we may be physically weak, socially shy, or lack the aptitude for certain tasks. Many impediments develop early in our lives and define our character and personality. You will need to overcome these impediments to successfully achieve the goals that you want.

Impediments can be found in five distinct character attributes.
We have two physical attributes (physical and physical temperance), two mental attributes (education and social), and one spiritual attribute. We increase discipline by developing and strengthening each attribute. As we become more physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger, we likewise become more self-confident. We begin to witness positive changes in our character that gives us the inner willpower to succeed.

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pdf book: discipline chapters


Achieving Success: Discipline to Success Chapters

Part IV: Execute Success

The execution phase brings together the planning and discipline concepts and pieces together a strategy for time management and execution of your tasks. Our discussion will be divided into the following sections and topics:

Section I assembles your personal goal planning kit that will become your blueprint for success. The goal planning kit will contain all the necessary planning sheets for the objective, goals, benchmarks and major tasks.

Section II takes your goal planning kit and assigns respective weekly and daily tasks. This is your respective ". . . to do" list of daily tasks and appointments that need to be completed to achieve your goal plan. You will refer to this section weekly as you assign new tasks each week.

Section III is the evaluation section. You will make a periodic evaluation to measure your progress.

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pdf book: execution chapters


Achieving Success: Execute Success Chapters

Part V: Appendix

The appendix has the forms and tables used throughout the PDF downloads. You can use the forms to help plan and build out your own success plan.

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pdf book: appendix


Achieving Success: Appendix Forms