We are pleased to offer a videotape and a booklet, each of which is a powerful tool for those doing their griefwork and for those serving as caregivers. Please read about the video and booklet, and then use the order form at the end of this web page to order the materials you desire.

VIDEO: "A New Road to Recovery," with facilitator's guidebook

A videotape has been produced which supports A New Road. Developed to be used in conjunction with A New Road workbook for your group, the tape alone can also provide inspiration to the individual who is experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one. The tape covers:

The tape, moderated and narrated by Dr. James R. Crumley, Jr., includes six individual Video Sessions, each approximately 12-15 minutes in length. The background credentials of all participants, including Rev. Crumley, appear on the Program page of this website. The six sessions are:

  1. Keys to Recovery

    Dr. Tim Queen discusses realistic recovery expectations and the importance of a support environment.

  2. The Child's Grief Recovery

    Reverend Timothea Lewis focuses on healthy coping skills to aid in children's grief work.

  3. A Young Widow's Perspective

    Linda Ashley, widowed with an eleven-month old son, affirms the vital part of family and community caregivers in grief transition.

  4. A Young Widower's Perspective

    Don Andrews, whose wife and son died in an automobile accident, shares the healing value of support groups, reading and reaching out to others.

  5. The Single, Widowed Parent

    Margit Giles, widowed, reflects on fifteen years of rearing three young children to adulthood while keeping home as stable as possible.

  6. Saying Goodbye

    Larry Coker reflects on his wife's terminal illness and emphasizes the healing element in saying goodbye.

BOOKLET: "Help and Hope for the Bereaved," by Carol Ann Green

This recently published 25-page booklet is the long-awaited resource offering help and encouragement to those who are early on in their grief. It is a must for those who serve as caregivers. Green writes that she included the help and hope which she and her six children needed even before the funeral service. She says that grief assaults our minds like nothing else and her guidance offers defense, direction and comfort through life-shattering experiences. This booklet is a must for the grief journey. It offers tremendous aid in the healing process.

Topics include:

...and much, much more

"Help and Hope" is a fine resource for churches, counselors, hospitals, mortuaries, and all in the caregiving professions. It comes with tasteful mailing envelopes and makes a superb and thoughtful expression of sympathy, as Green expresses in a gentle way the love we all wish to convey at this difficult time. It belongs in libraries, book stores and stationery retailers everywhere.


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