Perhaps you have come to our website because you have lost your beloved partner. Perhaps you have come because this has happened to someone you care about. Or, perhaps you are one of those who has dedicated his or her professional or volunteer time to helping those who need help in finding their way toward grief recovery. You are all welcome to our site, and invited to join us as we travel down A New Road together.

What is A New Road?

The road to grief recovery is a painful one. For many, it is a longer and slower journey than ever imagined, with emotional potholes all along the way. A New Road is a proven seminar program, in which field-tested guides provide support at every difficult crossing. A New Road is not a shortcut to happiness, but a proven path to becoming a whole person again after a devastating and intensely personal loss.

A New Road is a six-session grief transition seminar, conceived and created by Carol Ann Green. The program consists of a video and workbook, and, by request, can also be personally facilitated by Mrs. Green. In addition, there is an annual A New Road bereavement seminar designed to provide a weekend of support for women and men who have been widowed within the last three years.

Carol Ann Green and her family have known grief and the importance of grief recovery. Widowed when she was pregnant with her fourth child, Mrs. Green went on to marry again and to have two more children. Her second husband was killed by a teenage drunken driver in an automobile accident, when these two youngest were still toddlers. As she says in the introduction to the program workbook,

Today, she and the other dedicated professionals and volunteers who have made A New Road a reality have, in turn, become the companions who support others "every step of the way."

Who are your guides along A New Road?

Carol Ann Green, the designer of A New Road, facilitates the program for many groups and organizations, and has dedicated her life to helping others. She has a BA in Music Education and Piano from Columbia College, Columbia, South Carolina and has completed graduate work in counseling at the University of South Carolina. A full-time volunteer, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the James F. Byrnes Foundation, which provides 100 scholarships annually for young South Carolinians who have lost one or both parents. Her personal experience as a survivor makes her a trustworthy guide on your personal new road; she is a caregiver willing to go where the pain is, knowing that is the way people are helped and comforted in their painful transition toward a new normal.

Video Session Presenters:

The New Road introduction is given by the Reverend Dr. James R. Crumley, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Ecumenism at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Crumley, Bishop of the former Lutheran Church in America, is a world-renowned ecumenical leader, thinker, and scholar.

The video was made at A New Road Seminar at Kinard Conference Center in Leesville, South Carolina. It includes two professional counselors who gave guidance, interpretation, and assistance to participants in the seminar. Two widows and two widowers share their grief recovery stories. These are real people who react and speak in their own way. The two professionals are:

Tim Queen, M. Div., M.S.W., PhD. is a professor at the University of South Florida at Fort Myers. He received his BA in psychology/sociology from Asbury College in Lexington, Kentucky; his Master of Divinity from Asbury Theology Seminary, his M.S. in Clinical Social Work from the University of South Carolina, and his PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of South Carolina. He is especially interested in family life and the problems in relationships among survivors of sudden death, veterans of combat and victims of crime. His session on A New Road video is entitled "Keys to Recovery."

Timothea Lewis, M. Div., M.S.W. is pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Florence, South Carolina. For more than a decade she has worked in child protection with the Department of Social Services for South Carolina. She is a former coordinator of Child Care Ministry for the South Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Her session on the video is entitled "The Child's Grief Recovery."


Granger Westberg, author of "Good Grief" has endorsed A New Road as a valuable resource for those seeking help in grief transition and for people who serve as caregivers to those in grief.

Who should consider A New Road?

If you are in a position to facilitate or organize A New Road program in your community or for your group, we hope you will click here to begin the process. Or, you may wish to encourage a group to which you belong, to do so. We recommend this healing program to all of the following:

How can you start down A New Road?

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